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Solo ezines are effective and inexpensive. A solo ezine is an ad sent out to an entire subscriber base of an ezine.

In making your decision in which ezines to advertise in, it will come down to exposure and marketing budget.

Now the question is - what do you say in your ad of a solo ezine? The subject line has to be eye catching and make the prospect open the email out of curiosity.  When you come up with your own ad you must put yourself in the place of your prospect.  What kind of an ad would you respond to?  Make your ad short and to the point.  All you want to do in a solo ezine ad is to get people to click on your website link and opt-in to your auto-responder.  The website does the informing for you, the ad stirs curiosity.

Recommended companies and prices are listed below.  Some of the companies below also offer other services but only the price of the ezine ads are listed below. Remember that the more expensive ads normally means higher circulation.  We do not list the circulation on this site as it changes for each company below and is listed on their sites.

Pricing below was current at the time of publishing.

Each link below is hyperlinked to a different company.

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